The specifics of the purchase department are cyclical in nature. A continuous dialogue between the company and the farmers-producers of grain is carried out by your personal manager, who provides an individual approach to each supplier.
Annually we buy agricultural products from hundreds of farmers across Ukraine.
We offer our customers a full range of services for analysis, improvement and crop logistics.
Due to long-term operational experience in branch, we have professionally studied specificity – classification, the qualitative indicators, component of pricing for each crop with which we work.
We have the possibility to refine the grain. We help our customers and partners to bring the grain to the marketable condition and keep its quality indicators.
We form actual prices of grain, oilseed and legume crops purchase. Our principle of work with suppliers is based on mutually beneficial terms.
We value long-term cooperation, so we undertake all obligations related to confidentiality, and also guarantee compliance with the terms of the contract by all parties of the transaction.
We provide most of our purchases on a self-delivery basis, because we value the time and resources of our customers. We also assist farmers in grain transportation by providing vehicles to farms.
Due to the developed infrastructure, we cooperate with producers almost all over Ukraine.
We guarantee a professional approach and quality of necessary operations related to the purchase of agricultural products.